DRI Resilience Excellence Summit

DRI International’s Resilience Excellence Summit, held May 2-4, 2022, is now available online. Each day’s events including educational sessions and a few words from our  Awards of Excellence winners are now available to view in full here.

We launched the Resilience Excellence Summit last year, when in-person conferences were impossible. Even though we did hold a hugely successful, in-person conference this year, many of you were still unable to travel. Therefore, we decided to hold the Summit once again in order to provide an event that celebrates continuing education and the accomplishments of our resilience community completely online. Each day over two hours, the DRI Resilience Excellence Summit presented in-depth online presentations on hot topics like Ukraine, supply chain, and cyber resilience and highlighted award recipients.

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Program Agenda 

Each day’s events are now available to view in full here. You can also view the individual presentations on BCM, emerging threats, cascading risks, cybersecurity, team building, and much more via the DRI YouTube Channel playlist, and download the Presentation Materials.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Resilience Excellence Summit

Keynote: Vice Admiral (Ret.) Mike LeFever, USN

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Mike LeFever, USN

DRI is proud to welcome Vice Admiral (Ret.) Mike LeFever, USN, to deliver a keynote session on his career in counterterrorism, cybersecurity, intelligence and more, bridging his experiences between the public and private sector.

LeFever retired from the United States Navy after over 38 years of service, finishing his military career as the Director of Strategic Operational Planning at the National Counterterrorism Center, within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He also served as both the Commander of the Office of Defense Representative in Pakistan and the Commander of the Joint Task Force in Pakistan, leading all US Armed Forces in Pakistan between 2008-2011.

He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for Concentric. Concentric is a risk management consultancy that specializes in delivering strategic security and intelligence services. In addition, he is a member of the network of national security experts for “The Cipher Brief,” a digital based conversation platform to connect the private sector with leading security experts.

Reflecting his deep experience with and commitment to developing high performance leaders and teams, LeFever also served as a Performance Ambassador and Speaker for Liminal Collective and Arena Labs and as a senior advisor and mentor for leaders in private industry; the USG’s National Defense University senior level national strategy, leadership, and warfighting courses; and USG Joint Forces.

Awards of Excellence Spotlight: Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

 Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

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Awards of Excellence Spotlight: Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

 Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

From Creation to Culmination How We built an Entire BR Program in 18 months During a National Pandemic

Raelene Anderson, Manager, Business Resilience Management, Delta Dental
Robert Cook, Crisis and Emergency Response Manager, Delta Dental

In this fascinating case study session, you’ll see how Delta Dental created an entire business resilience program in under 18 months, all during a pandemic. It will examine the four sectors of the program:

Workplace Safety
Emergency Response
Crisis Management
Business Continuity

The session will cover the importance of creating an operational roadmap, getting the right people on board, policy development, realistic budgeting, equipment purchasing, program implementation, training & exercising, and continuous review.  You’ll learn how each sector was created with the overarching ideal of being ready to respond, while also keeping continuous improvement in mind. While creating and developing these sectors, Delta also created cross functionality with all groups within the enterprise. Additionally, the speakers will show how the team took the lead on enterprise screening, contact tracing, case tracking, and responding to compliance requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, you will learn how Delta took a holistic approach to its Workplace Violence Program, focusing on prevention and awareness, to lessen the likelihood of a workplace incident.

Opening Remarks and an Exciting DRI Foundation Update!

Keynote: So, You Have an Established, Mature Program – Now What?

Robyn Kimbro, MBCP, CCRP, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity, Walmart, Inc.

With over 20 years’ experience building, developing, and leading program governance frameworks and strategies for three major companies, Walmart’s Robyn Kimbro joins us to share the key elements for experienced resilience practitioners addressing ongoing program maturity and building resilience. So, you have an established, mature program – now what? The answer is a lot, and that includes answering questions like these: Are your program requirements not stringent enough, just right, or really complicated and time-consuming to meet? If you’re a global company – is your program globally relevant, and does it meet regulations or requirements for other countries? How strong and far-reaching are your partnerships? How do you benchmark with other companies? How do you market your program? What programmatic stats are you collecting through your enterprise tool? Are executives interested in those metrics, and what do these statistics drive your leadership to do?

Awards of Excellence Spotlight: Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

 Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

Presentation: Distant Lands

Peter Morris, IT Service Continuity Management Expert, Operational Resilience – Group Security, AXA Group Operations UK Ltd.

Peter Morris embarked on his journey with disaster recovery, business continuity and now operational resilience over twenty years ago. His “Distant Lands” presentation will offer his observations on crisis events and from his experience comment on what connects them, how their impact ripples across the world and their consequences. He will also share some new thinking which may change the resilience community’s strategic approach to disruptive events

Keynote: It’s Not All Netflix and Chill: An Interview with Netflix’ Scott Baldwin, Head of Enterprise Resilience

Scott Baldwin, Head of Enterprise Resilience, Netflix

Netflix Head of Enterprise Resilience Scott Baldwin will sit for a wide-ranging Q&A with DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky, discussing his career path in resilience, the unique challenges of maintaining and protecting critical assets during a global pandemic, communicating resilience practices throughout an expansive organization, and much more.

Awards of Excellence Spotlight: Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

 Meet our 2022 Awards of Excellence Winners!

Presentation: Dr. Gianluca Pescaroli, Assistant Professor, Business Continuity and Organizational Resilience, University of London

Dr. Gianluca Pescaroli
Assistant Professor, Business Continuity and Organizational Resilience
University of London

DRI welcomes Dr. Gianluca Pescaroli for an in-depth tour of his research on building and improving the continuity of operations during disruptive events, minimizing their impacts, and increasing resilience of the public and private sectors. This includes managing complex challenges such as cascading risks, critical infrastructure failures, systemic and compound dynamics.

His work is impact -oriented, aiming to bridge academia and practice. In 2016, he co-founded the Research Group on Cascading Disasters at UCL. Since then, he contributed to strategic documents such as the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s Guidelines on National Risk Assessment, and edited reports such as the Guidelines on Cascading Effects of Wide-Area Power Failures in collaboration with London Resilience.

The opinions expressed by our speakers are theirs alone and do not reflect the views of DRI International.

Note: Attending each session will earn DRI Certified Professionals two Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) toward recertification. Attending all three will earn DRI Certified Professionals a total of six CEAPs.

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Past Events

DRI International’s Resilience Excellence Summit, held March 1-3, 2021, is now available online.  View the 2021 Summit Agenda and session videos here.  Click on the links for all educational sessions and the announcements of the winners of the 2021 Awards of Excellence!

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