DRI conferences are an amazing opportunity for training and networking – but getting approval to attend can still be a challenge.  With the right approach, you can justify your time away from work, travel expenses, and conference fees:

  1. Provide an estimate of expenses you will incur. Be sure to include all travel, dining and lodging expenses, and cost of materials or event tickets if applicable.
  2. Identify the sessions you plan to attend. Sketch out your itinerary and suggest ways that the information you acquire will benefit both you and the company.
  3. Offer to share the information with co-workers. Bring home your conference materials to let co-workers share in the conference content.
  4. Close the loop – create a trip report after the conference. Summarize key points of discovery brought out during the conference and point out how those relate to BC efforts in your organization.

DRI conferences have previously been hosted in conveniently located cities throughout the United States, including Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, and San Antonio. These select cities offer a variety of opportunities for visitors during their stay, while also keeping expenses reasonable for budget-conscious travelers.