Duane C. Bygum

Deputy Chief of Police Naval Base, Ventura County

Duane C. Bygum Jr., CBCP, MSLM, CEDP, is currently assigned to CNSRW China Lake, California and has been re-assigned as the Deputy Chief of Police for Naval Base Ventura County. Bygum is also an adjunct professor for National University in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

He has over 32 years of experience in security (physical, industrial, and information), law enforcement, and emergency management. He is experienced in running incident command centers, trained in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Incident Command System (ICS 300-400), and highly trained in disaster response and mitigation

Bygum was selected as the liaison officer between the Air National Guard Base and the Navy during the Camarillo Springs fire in 2013 and was assigned to work in the emergency operations center at NBVC Pt Mugu. In addition, he led a team in conducting vulnerability assessments in terrorist and security operations.  He is experienced as an anti-terrorism and terrorism liaison officer and certified by the Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) program courses specializing in terrorist operations, risk management, and security operations. He was an active contributor to the Joint Regional Intelligence Center and E-Guardian providing current intelligence. He was the operations superintendent (S3) for the 146 Security Forces Squadron, Channel Islands Air National Guard Station, California. Additionally, he was the subject Matter Expert (SME) of the Biometric Identification Fingerprint System (BIFS) for the Pentagon SAF/AAZ office, and the National Guard Bureau.  He has researched, tested and evaluated (RDT&E) and is the author of the Authorization to Operate for BIFS. He has been the NCOIC, Installation Security Section (S5), and Resource Advisor (S4) for the 146th Security Forces Squadron. In addition, he assisted the Command Support Section (S1) while advising the Defense Force Commander on all enlisted matters affecting budget, contracts, agreements, training, resources, and operations affecting enlisted personnel and their families, while promoting enlisted professional development.

Bygum has worked for the National Aeronautics Space Administrations Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA/JPL) Protective Services Division and later became a federal law enforcement officer. He was also activated in 1991 for the Los Angeles riots by the Governor of California. Bygum retired from the USAF late 2017.