Kristina Cory


Kristina Cory, AVP – Network Planning, currently works within the AT&T Technology Operations Organization and is responsible for the Technology Services & Compliance Organization. Kristina joined AT&T (then Southwestern Bell Telephone) in 1993, performing Mainframe Application Development for the CRIS Billing System. Kristina accumulated 12 years of experience in Mainframe technologies, having developed and led multiple application development, system test, and production quality control teams. In 2005, Kristina joined the UVerse program as AT&T prepared to launch its UVerse services. In this role, she led teams which included application development, requirements, infrastructure and deployment management, integration testing, and production support for a midrange, mission critical application responsible for provisioning and activation of UVerse services. In 2011, Kristina joined Technology Operations working in various roles to support Incident, Problem, Change, Availability, and Event Management for the Enterprise. Current responsibilities since 2019 include the Global Technology Operations Center (GTOC), Optimization and Tooling, Corporate Contingency & Business Continuity Planning, Industry PCI, SOC, SOX, and ISO Certification Assurance, the AT&T Weather Operations Center, and Event Management. Kristina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Certificate in Computer Science from St. Louis University and a Master’s Degree in Information Management with an emphasis in Telecommunications from Washington University in St. Louis.