Larry Chase

Enterprise Resiliency Program Director, Humana

A United States Air Force veteran, Larry Chase is a recognized and highly regarded industry leader in Enterprise Risk and Resiliency Management for nearly 30 years. Credited with establishing global programs at Pfizer, Motorola, Symantec and presently with Humana. His professional accomplishments have delivered highly-effective, consistent and proven operational capabilities of preparedness and response execution across mission essential functions in times of crisis and significant events. Leveraging his unique first-hand experiences and expertise in regional and national catastrophic events, Chase has excelled in visionary approaches and lead-edge strategies to institutionalize proven “practice like you fight” mindset across the industry and organizations he leads. Holding a seasoned balance of leadership and management, he continues to inspire, mentor and motivate those directly and indirectly engaged in his path.

His passion in risk and event management spans beyond the four walls of any organization to include collaboration on a global scale, numerous hard copy and online publications—including a Forbes series in enterprise risk management and emerging trends in in operational resiliency. Earning top industry honors as the 2015 Business Continuity Program Leader of the Year and BCI Asia Group Excellence honors in 2010, Chase is a seasoned leader who has led numerous private/public sector chair and advisory positions over the course of recent years. He spends a large part of his downtime as a professional musician and serving as a Chairman to the DRI Foundation’s Veterans Outreach Program, giving scholarships to our returning heroes.


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