Marianela Guzmán

Advisor on Public-Private Partnerships, UNISDR

Marianela Guzmán is an Advisor on Public-Private Partnerships, UNISDR’s focal point for private sector activities in the Americas. She has worked as advisor in The Center for Environmental Innovation in Washington D.C. and more recently as Private Sector Advisor in the IGO CEPREDENAC (Central American Coordination Center for Disaster Prevention). Marianela has more than 12 years of experience in new businesses development and implementation of Photovoltaic Systems, in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica and “Strategies for the construction of low-carbon housing in the framework of Appropriate Mitigation Actions at the National Level (NAMA), and management of disaster risk reduction programs, implementing strategic alliances with the private sector and the public sector. As an Architect, she has worked in the private sector in California, Florida, Panama City and San Jose, Costa Rica in mixed-use residential buildings, the remodeling and expansion of Miami International Airport and remodeling of workspaces by Canon, Alcon, Bank of America.

Guzmán has an MBA from the University of International Cooperation and Professional Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Woodbury University.


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