Mary Rose McCaffrey

Vice President, Security, ES &CSO, Northrop Grumman

Mary Rose McCaffrey was named the Vice President, Security, ES &CSO, Northrop Grumman Corporation in February 2016. She leads global security responsible for the protection of Northrop Grumman employees, facilities, and customer information.

McCaffrey has 31 years of federal service including leadership positions at the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Reconnaissance Agency, Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Defense. She served as the Director of Security and Deputy Director of Security, Central Intelligence Agency responsible for the secure execution of the Agency’s global mission. She enabled the provision of a trusted workforce, secure facilities, information assurance and protection of classified information. She provided a trusted Insider Threat Program collaboratively with counterintelligence and the CIO. She was the DCIA’s security advisor and routinely interfaced with senior leaders throughout the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Congress and Industrial Partners. McCaffrey led Business Continuity for the Agency.

She served at the National Reconnaissance Organization as the Director of Security and Counterintelligence leading a multi-Agency organization responsible for the United States National technical collection systems. McCaffrey participated in the creation of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) following the 9/11 attacks working to coalesce sixteen Intelligence Community Agencies. She collaborated in the language of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act following the creation of the ODNI in 2003. McCaffrey served in assignments of increasing complexity both domestically and overseas.

McCaffrey earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Michael’s College, Colchester, VT. She has completed multiple leadership programs including the Kellogg School, Northwestern University, MIT and CIA. She received the DCIA Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal June 2017, Presidential Rank Award, October 2015, the National Intelligence Reform Medal, November 2008 and the National Reconnaissance Leadership Award 2006. McCaffrey is a member of the Aerospace Industries Association, National Defense Industry Association, American Society of Industrial Security, Intelligence & National Security Alliance Security Policy Reform and Insider Threat working groups.



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