Michael A. Smith

Director of Global Business Resiliency, Asurion

Michael A. Smith is the Director of Global Business Resiliency at Asurion. Mr. Smith has led global business continuity and disaster recovery programs for numerous Fortune 100 organizations both within and outside of regulated environments. Over his 20 years in the field, Mr. Smith has been responsible for the implementation and management of a number of enterprise programs in a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Wireless, Manufacturing, and E-Commerce. In his current role, he has provided strategic direction for implementation of a global enterprise resiliency program for Asurion, a global technology company. Specific program components that have been implemented in his current role, include an enterprise BIA, Site Incident Management Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, Vendor Resiliency Risk reviews, and Regional Crisis Management Teams.


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