DRI2017 Speaker Michele Turner

Michele Turner

Sr. Manager, Corporate Business Continuity, Amazon

We’ve learned a lot in the past 30+ years in the world of recovery and continuity.  Where the origin may have been systems and technology, an industry evolution was necessary.  Where previous conversations would have been focused on tape recovery and disk storage, the 3Ps (partnership, process, and persistence) brought about a rebirth that has led to significant understanding in the shared roles of the business, IT and vendors in supporting critical processes, across geographies (language and geo political challenges not withstanding).   During this session, we’ll review these 3 Ps in a case study format, using references of the 2008 movie:  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (your homework is to watch the movie!).  Unusual circumstances, a refresh of what we think we know, time keeps on ticking…what is old, becomes new.


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