Roberto (Rob) Zegarra

DRI International

Roberto (Rob) Zegarra, MBCP, CCRP, is Director of Education for DRI International. An experienced business resiliency consultant and instructor, he began his career in the security, risk, and continuity profession in 1991. His experience includes physical and logical security assessments, incident response, business response and recovery. His specialties include business impact analysis (BIA); business recovery plans (BCP and BRC); crisis management structure and communications (CMS); incident response tabletops and exercises; as well as risk improvement, supply chain, and interdependency analysis. He has led and participated in numerous real and simulated disaster recovery, incident response, and cyber-attack events.

Zegarra has extensive experience with impact analysis, helping organizations recognize vulnerabilities, prioritize business functions, identify “crown jewels”, and ultimately enhance preparedness and corporate resilience. Additionally, he is an expert in network segregation and operations recovery. His experience includes manufacturing, financial institutions, retail, logistics, and government, amongst others.