TJ Mead

Global Technology Continuity Program Manager, Enterprise Resilience, Netflix

TJ has spent 20+ years in the technology and business resilience space. He started his career as a datacenter engineer (Unisys) building and keeping systems online. He then spent a decade and a half as a consultant (Accenture, Dell/EMC, Deloitte) helping Fortune 500 companies develop and improve their Enterprise Resilience (ER), Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Datacenter & IT Operations, IT Leadership, and Cyber Resilience programs.

After consulting, he spent time as the Director of Global Disaster Recovery for Royal Bank of Canada, responsible for protecting all global RBC IT operations from a disaster recovery perspective, and then as the Senior Technical Program Manager for Operational Excellence (Amazon / Twitch) leading the Disaster Recover (Resiliency) and Events Capacity (Engineering Scaling) programs before finally joining Netflix to lead Technology Continuity for the Enterprise Resilience program.