Will Minkoff

Operations Manager, BOLDplanning

Will Minkoff is the Operations Manager at BOLDplanning with responsibilities covering a wide array of planning, support and management activities. As a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), Mr. Minkoff has provided guidance to hundreds of clients in his role overseeing the BOLDplanning technology support function.

Minkoff has facilitated numerous training, exercises, and plan review activities for continuity and emergency plans. He also serves as a project manager for BOLDplanning, having successfully led the implementation of planning initiatives for private sector, public sector, non-profit, and healthcare clients. In addition, he has authored the company’s successful Continuity Administrator and Advanced Reporting training program, and has personally deployed it to a variety of organizations across the country.

Minkoff is also very active in service to his community through his work as a serious weather “hobbyist”. He and his partners have developed and maintained a revolutionary method for reporting severe weather. This work has earned him the National Weather Service’s Distinguished Service Award, and the Walter J. Bennett Public Service Award from the National Weather Association.

While studying at Clemson University, Minkoff earned a degree in Political Science with a focus on state and local government. He also presided over the South Carolina Student State Legislature while at Clemson. Minkoff lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and three young children.


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