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DRI’s annual conference offers unique sponsorship opportunities for vendors and suppliers to reach our elite audience of experienced business continuity professionals. We offer sponsorship packages for every budget and ensure that our premium sponsors can continue to engage with our audience long after the conference ends.

DRI understands the value of connecting vendors with their target audience which is why we’ve added new sponsorship options within our popular conference mobile app. Our post-conference survey indicated an overwhelmingly positive response to our mobile app, so this year we’re bringing it back – with more functionality and more information than ever – and we’re giving our sponsors the opportunity to leverage this platform to better engage with the audience.

Don’t wait to secure prime sponsorship visibility for your company at the annual DRI Conference!

Sponsor Opportunities

The Best Conference in Business Continuity

DRI’s conference is the fastest growing and most innovative of any industry event. As a non-profit, we’re different. Our audience is too. They are the buyers you want to meet. A DRI event is the best place to make meaningful connections. They are events designed for our community, by our community, addressing the topics that resilience professionals care about most and providing a first-rate educational experience that informs and inspires.

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The Highest-Rated Program in the Industry

The annual DRI Conference is dedicated to the meaningful exchange of information among professionals in the areas of business continuity, disaster recovery, risk management, crisis management, cyber security and more, across all industries and sectors.

Our non-profit status enables us to deliver a learning-focused environment with a carefully curated program that features senior level speakers who have been sought out and invited to present based on their expertise and experience. Our program is what draws our attendees. In fact 64% of our attendees hold managerial positions or above, giving them a level of knowledge that fosters in-depth discussions.

Best Access to the Decision-Makers

Need help reaching products and services buyers? They’ll be at our conference – where you can engage with them directly via our conference app – but we also talk to them every day. With over 20,000 certified professionals in more than 100 countries, DRI’s global reach includes an engaged community of leaders and decision makers in the broadest range of industries and organizations, extending your reach well beyond the event. See who you will meet here.

DRI’s conference is different, and so is its relationship with its sponsors and exhibitors. We take the time to understand your products and services and the culture of your organization. You benefit, because as the industry’s most trusted advisor, we provide the buying community with the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

Additionally, DRI delivers useful, actionable information in business continuity and related fields to our dedicated audience of over 50,000+ subscribers to our newsletter and other communications. We provide the latest news in all areas of resilience, as well as updates and announcements regarding DRI and the DRI Foundation’s efforts and partnerships. We deliver across multiple channels long after the annual event is over including our e-newsletter DRIVE, the DRIVE blog (a free, searchable information resource on our website), our Foundation’s newsletter, and social media.  Learn more about how you can reach the global DRI audience here.

DRI Delivers Exceptional Events

Come find out why we are the highest-rated conference in business continuity! DRI Conferences are different. We continue to raise the bar and challenge ourselves to innovate. Here are some of the reasons why DRI is the best choice for you:

Putting you in the room with decision makers who buy. 75% of our attendees have budgets, looking to either recommend, specify or make the final purchasing decision on products and services for business continuity and disaster recovery.

A growing event. DRI’s annual conference is enjoying unprecedented growth year over year! The number of paid attendees at our conference is greater than that of Sponsor Opportunities any other business continuity conference. They understand that this event has real value and unparalleled opportunities for professional advancement.

Content is king. Explore our past programs to find out why 86% of our attendees rate our conference as excellent. Our programming is the best available information. All DRI conference speakers are invited based on merit. Our content is the most original and far-reaching.

Setting the standard for business continuity. As the world leader in training and certification, our 20,000+ certified professionals represent a potent marketplace for products and services like yours.

Truly international. Our annual conference attendees come from 22+ different countries, but that is just the beginning. DRI is the ONLY organization that sponsors conferences in six countries, including events in China, Malaysia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, and many more.

Investing in the next generation of continuity professionals. DRI is the ONLY business continuity organization that holds events on college campuses – cultivating the next generation of business continuity professionals and giving them opportunities to advance through scholarships and events hosted by our young leaders. Valuing diversity. DRI is committed to supporting and promoting diversity in the business continuity profession. Our Women in Business Continuity Management community has grown by 50% in each of the three years of its existence. DRI is also committed to publishing original research on diversity, hiring, and careers in resilience – presented at our annual conference – that helps further this commitment.

Supporting those who serve. DRI’s is the ONLY conference that provides free education, certification, and placement for veterans. We help our veterans realize their dreams and help both themselves and their respective organizations achieve great success as they transition into the professions of emergency response, crisis management, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Putting you right in the mix. Your DRI exhibit space includes added networking opportunities with a full conference registration and a seat at the Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner. Why not nominate yourself or a customer this year? You can cheer them on in style when they win on the big night!

Enhanced Credibility. DRI has been your trusted, nonprofit advisor for all things business continuity, resilience and disaster recovery since the 1980s. A lot has changed since then, but we’ve kept you up to date and in the loop about changes to the profession including opportunities to expand in to cyber resilience, audit, supply chain management, risk management, and so much more.

You don’t just have to take our word for it

We are recognized by international accrediting bodies. For example, DRI is an ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization and a CQI and IRCA Approved Training Partner. We are recognized by national and international governing bodies including as an ISO Liaison and a member of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction ARISE Initiative.

In short, DRI is your go-to for all things continuity and resilience. Make DRI your first call.

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